Our Packages

At The Paintball Park we have a wide range of different packages that you can choose from. We have packages available for half day and full day events. For more information on what packages are available, please see below.

If there is a particular type of package you are after, please get in contact and we will work with you to tailor a package to suit your needs.


Recruit Package

(Pay as you play, great for half or full days)

• £12.50 each • 100 Paintballs each • All equipment provided

Sniper Package

(Recommended half day package)

• £22.50 each • 300 Paintballs each • All equipment provided

Commander Package

(Recommended full day package)

• £34.50 each • 500 Paintballs each • Lunch included

Rambo Package

• £44.50 each • 700 Paintballs each • Lunch included

Spec-ops Package

• £59.50 each • 1000 Paintballs each • Lunch included & a free smoke grenade

Ultimate hero Package

• £74.50 each • 1500 Paintballs each • Lunch included & 3 free smoke grenades


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Paintball Park Paint Prices and Policy

Extra Paintballs can be purchased in addition to any package on any game day at any time. There are savings to be had buying in bulk so feel free to team up with friends to save.

100 Paintballs - £7

500 Paintballs - £30

1000 Paintballs - £50

Here at The Paintball Park we pride ourselves on only using the best, this includes our paintballs. For safety reasons, only Paintballs purchased from Paintball Park can be used.

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